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Shungite Merkaba Star - 0.4 Kg - NEW1120

Shungite Merkaba Star - 0.4 Kg - NEW1120

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The three-dimensional star of David, the chariot of light, the throne of God, a unique figure in energy - Merkaba. There is one version of the decoding of the word: Mer Ka Ba is a subtle structure of man. Mer is moving light, Ka is spirit, Ba is human body. It functions around the human body very quickly, but it can slow down for certain reasons if it feels any obstacles. Shungite figure is necessary for establishing the connection of a person with his highest self. Also, it is used for harmonization of the right and left hemispheres, for self-healing processes from various diseases and normalization of peace of mind. Located in the house merkaba protects from negative energy, evil eye, spoilage and changes the energy, leveling the biofield. In the house it is recommended to place it opposite the front door, in front of the windows. People who are engaged in various spiritual practices merkaba is necessary for meditation. Develop your spirit, health and strength!
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