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UNICORN STONE - 40-80mm - Sphere - Sold by the gram - NEW622

UNICORN STONE - 40-80mm - Sphere - Sold by the gram - NEW622

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Sphere Spheres Unicorn Stone is a type of pegmatite that consists of Pink Tourmaline, Lepidolite, Smokey Quartz, and sometimes Cleavelandite. It is a recent discovery, found only in Madagascar, and is a powerful combination of stones. It is considered a stone of transformation and healing, with the abilities to help balance emotions and alleviating stress. Unicorn Stone activates the Crown, Heart and Root Chakras, though it can help heal all of the chakras, and enhances our positivity in our life journey. *Please Note: All our organic gemstones and crystals are formed by Mother Earth. Natural “imperfections” such as surface cracks, various defects, and the shedding of some crystals are to be expected. Our products are carefully graded, and if we believe there is an UNNATURAL defect - the item will go under our “Imperfect Collection” clearance category. Please research how to properly “cleanse” and charge your crystals, as some crystals must not get wet, and others will fade in prolonged sunlight. All sales are final.*
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**Items sold by the gram order 100 grams to start with & then adjust the grams to get the price you would like to pay. *A polished point 100 grams is about 4 inches tall on most materials.** We will do our best to get to has close as we can & contact you in the case we do not have anything close in stock so you can upgrade or downgrade. A Example is to the Left showing a customer requesting a 833g specimen.

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