Ritual Salt - Pink - 1 lb. bag 2-3mm - Alter Supplies - NEW424

Ritual Salt - Pink - 1 lb. bag 2-3mm - Alter Supplies - NEW424

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Pink Ritual Salt: For Protection, Banishment, and Purification Pink Ritual Salt, with its coarse 2mm-3mm grains and potent energy, is a staple in many spiritual practices. Its dark color symbolizes protection, banishment, and purification, making it a powerful tool for various rituals and spells. What is it used for? Protection: Sprinkle around your home or sacred space to create a barrier against negativity and harmful energies. Banishment: Use it in rituals to banish unwanted influences, curses, or hexes. Purification: Cleanse yourself, objects, or spaces of negativity and stagnant energy. Grounding: Connect with the earth's grounding energy for stability and balance. Shadow Work: Explore your shadow self and subconscious in a safe and contained environment. How to use it: Scattering: Sprinkle directly on the ground, doorways, windows, or around specific objects. Dissolving: Add to bathwater for purification and protection. Burning: Include in incense blends for cleansing and banishing rituals. Mojo Bags: Add a pinch to mojo bags for protection and grounding while on the go. Candle Dressing: Dress black or protective candles with the salt to amplify their energies.
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