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Pink Aragonite - Bulk Rough Minerals - 20X15cm Box - China - NEW223

Pink Aragonite - Bulk Rough Minerals - 20X15cm Box - China - NEW223

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Healing Properties of Pink Aragonite Spiritual: Pink Aragonite is a wonderful crystal ally for anyone who is eager to spiritually evolve and worries they are moving too slowly. Pink Aragonite invites us calm down and to reconnect to our heart-center. It reminds us that those who move too fast, tend to stumble. But if we go at a reasonable and balanced pace, we will arrive we were are meant to be, on time and in good form. Pink Aragonite asks us to be patient and to remember that healthy growth has its own divine pace; much like a flower that blooms gradually and becomes more beautiful with each passing day. Pink Aragonite connects us to the Earth Goddess, a warm and loving entity who wants us to thrive and be nurtured. It likewise encourages us to be kind to the Earth and to all beings who call this planet home. Pink Aragonite’s energy is a sweet companion during meditations on loving kindness. It reminds us that Love is a powerful energy that already has and will again change the world. Pink Aragonite is attuned to the Root, Sacral and Heart Chakra and linked to the astrological sign of Capricorn. It is connected to the element of Earth and Water and vibrates to the number 9. Emotional: Pink Aragonite offers tender support when we are feeling anxious about how other people see us. When we are feel negatively judged, especially about our physical appearance, Pink Aragonite helps us to reaffirm our self-worth and to recognize our own true beauty. It is a fantastic crystal ally to keep close by during childhood and the teenage years when we are creating our story about who we are and where we fit in the world. It is also very useful for anyone who is working to heal damage done during those pivotal times. It helps us to feel safe enough to emotionally grow up and become the wise and happy adult that we deserve to be. Pink Aragonite quietly releases emotional wounds that make us feel angry, sad or ashamed. If we have been verbally abused, Pink Aragonite combats the lies and show us the truth so we can be healed. It provides us with a steady flow of emotional strength and support, while we do the necessary emotional work to create true peace in our heart. Mental: Pink Aragonite brings gifts of tolerance, patience and flexibility. It helps us to stay focused on the important matters and to be reliable in our word. Yet it also helps us to calmly adjust as needed to accommodate new developments. It helps us to feel stabile and steady, regardless of what is happening around us. When we find ourselves pulled into drama, Pink Aragonite helps us to logically understand the emotional issues that create conflict. If we are at fault, it helps us to accept responsibility and make amends. If we are not at fault, it give us clarity and encourages us to gently extract ourselves from the drama and move forward. Physical: Pink Aragonite is recommended for anyone suffering from body dysmorphia or who doesn’t feel comfortable in their own body. It helps us to love our body as it is. It reminds us that our body is more than just our outward appearance. Our body is also a wonderful complexity of internal systems that work together to take good care of us. Our body loves us. Our body wants us to feel happy and healthy. Pink Aragonite asks us to love our body in return and to show that love by creating and maintaining good physical and mental habits. As a talisman, Pink Aragonite can help us to feel hopeful and be practical when we are dealing with problems associated with the immune or digestive systems. It also makes a wonderful talisman for anyone concerned about osteoporosis who wants a reminder to engage in the good habits that lead to strong bones.
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