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Green Diopside with Mica and Calcite Specimen - 89g - 2.75 inch - Afghanistan

Green Diopside with Mica and Calcite Specimen - 89g - 2.75 inch - Afghanistan

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89g 2.75 inch Green Diopside combined with Mica and Calcite. Origin: sar E sang mine kokcha valley Badakhshan Afghanistan Chrome Diopside Geological Properties Diopside is a monoclinic pyroxene mineral that occurs naturally in a variety of colors such as green, yellow and brown. Green is the most commonly found diopside color, which gets its beautiful hue from traces of the element chromium; hence the name chrome diopside. This chromium-rich diopside is transparent to translucent in appearance with a good chance of high visual clarity. The most valuable chromium diopside gems have a deep forest green similar to tsavorite garnet. While chrome diopside is not difficult to come by, medium green stones over 2 carats are incredibly rare as the larger the stone the darker it tends to be, even appearing nearly black. Chrome diopside does not receive enhancements to increase color or clarity, making it a naturally lovely untreated stone option for jewelry. Mineral Information Calcium magnesium silicate Chemical Composition CaMgSi2O6 Color Green, yellow, colorless, brown, black Hardness 5 to 6 (Mohs) Specific Gravity 3.22 - 3.38 Refractive Index 1.664 - 1.730
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