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Amethyst Polished Aura Points - 3-4 inch - Price per gram - NEW822

Amethyst Polished Aura Points - 3-4 inch - Price per gram - NEW822

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Aura Amethyst is the “stone of universal light”. The coating is created by bonding fine metal particles (such as titanium or gold) to the crystals in a vacuum chamber with very high heat. You get the benefits of both the crystal and the metal, making aura crystals highly sought-after. They have a beautiful glow that resembles rainbow colours, and come in many forms. Amethyst stone associated with both the Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra. It has a highly calming energy and helps to balance, soothe, and combat restlessness. Great for those who struggle with insomnia, anxiety, and other uneasy thoughts. Left in the sun for long periods of time, its’ vibrant purple can fade, please treat this crystal with care.
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**Items sold by the gram order 100 grams to start with & then adjust the grams to get the price you would like to pay. *A polished point 100 grams is about 4 inches tall on most materials.** We will do our best to get to has close as we can & contact you in the case we do not have anything close in stock so you can upgrade or downgrade. A Example is to the Left showing a customer requesting a 833g specimen.

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